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We don’t spin. We Ride.


Offering classes with the best beats, we take each ROXstar on a journey, empowering mind and body from start to finish.

Beats - Incorporating free weights, Beats is a full body workout combining slick sprints, inspirational climbs, muscle toning and choreographed routines to get those hips flowing and sweaty faces glowing.


Torque - With the open road ahead you will tackle paced flat roads, mountainous climbs, sprints and the ultimate studio cycling experience. Working through all ranges of heart rate, variety of power and speeds you’ll leave the ride feeling like the yellow jersey leader of any pro tour.


ROX Strength is a workout designed to make you stronger and more athletic.

There are three different workouts you will encounter helping you build ROXstar strength.

4x4 -  2 rounds of work with longer working sets, specific timings will teach you to reach a little deeper and find your next gear.

R-90-X - A more powerful version of you is just 90 seconds away. Working through a combo of speed and power you will experience a workout that has you feeling super human.

TORCH - Volume is the name of the game just how many reps can you get done in the session? Faster paced and shorter rests; its time to TORCH your body!


This is our boxing inspired group fitness class. Combining bag work with station work, Box is a full body workout playing with punch combos, footwork, technique and exerting all out rage complemented  with station work focusing on rounds of upper body, lower body, core and cardio.


With choreographed boxing routines and station work for all abilities, zone out, attack the class and no matter what day you’ve had, punch it out on our state of the art aqua bags.


With styles ranging from Vinyasa Flow through to our own style 'Stretch and Flow' incorporating Vinyasa, stretch, core and meditation we are shining a new light on Yoga in our tranquil and atmosphere studio.


Up Your ROM - Using principles of Hatha Yoga stretching, but with a balanced mix of muscle contraction focus and end range strength. Warm the muscles, create more efficient body mechanics, and increase muscular contractile strength and up your Range Of Motion.